About Martijn

Martijn Heemskerk is a Dutchman who works as a salesman for Philips, a teacher at the Nyenrode business university, a key note speaker and a former certified public auditor in the Netherlands who has a passion for sports.

Combining his financial background with a strong affinity for new business, he co-creates value propositions through partnerships, to tackle the challenges that healthcare providers face.

Quotes that best describe Martijn are:
– Smile and have fun, don’t take everything too seriously
– More is lost by indecision than by wrong decision
– Challenge the status quo
– Your team is largely responsible for your own success
– Always be honest, period
– A fit body keeps the mind fit as well

Martijn is frequently asked to speak as a healthcare industry specialist, for instance as a guest speaker, on video or via podcast and brings over 18 years of experience from a variety of different roles and businesses, with the last 5 years a specific focus on healthcare informatics.

In order of excellence, he speaks Dutch, English, German and French.